BBCI Summer School 2012

Subsequent to the BBCI Wokshop 2012, we organize a Summerschool on selected topics in Brain-Computer Interfacing and Neurotechnology from September 20th to 28th. It has educational tutorials in the morning session (two tutorials of 1:30h each, held by internationally renowned researchers), and practical hand-ons sessions in the afternoon. The practical sessions are multi-track and will allow researchers in BCI/Neurotechnology to complement their expertise in the interdisciplinary field.

In order to warrant an expedient atmosphere, the total number of participants is limited to 60. Furthermore, each practical session has its specific limit for participation. Upon application, preferences for the practical sessions can be specified and we will do our best to provide a good match.

Researchers interested in participation are asked to provide their CV for application. Notifications of acceptance will be sent out on August 13th. Please send your CV to

There is no fee for attending the BBCI Summer School 2012.

Please see the Summer School Programme and our detailed list of practical sessions

We have also collected an FAQ for common questions.


PTB - Hörsaal im Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Bau
Abbestraße 2-12
D-10587 Berlin-Charlottenburg



Q: I will attend the summer school, do I have to register for the BCI Workshop?

Even though the summer school is scheduled after the workshop it is an independent event and you need to register at the appropriate category.

Q: Do I have to pay for the Hotel?

Unfortunately, yes! You book the hotel you want and that is within the range of 60-100 EUR per person. After checkout and payment you need to send us the paper bill so we can reimburse you. This takes approx. 10 working days after we receive the information.
Q: What information do I need to get reimbursed?

We will prepare a short form asking you for your private address, your bank information that you need to fill in while here at the workshop. Both this document and the paper bill need to be given to Imke Weitkamp in paper
Make sure you have your bank account number, the bank code and bank address with you. If you fail to provide this information it will only take longer to reimburse you. Cash is not an option!

Q: What are the best Hotels to book a room at?

In Berlin there's always an event and it is difficult to get rooms for all in one single Hotel. We have collected some Hotels, but you may use the usual internet portals to book your own if it falls into the price range. Make sure to check that the Hotel is not too far away from the lecture hall location.

We have this short list as a starting point: